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Tanzania Peaberry Whole Bean Coffee Beans Highest Quality Gourmet Beans

Tanzania Peaberry - One of our best sellers. 5% of all coffee is peaberry, but it's all mixed together. Normally the coffee bean is in two parts that make up the "cherry". Peaberry is just one part, a unique bean that has extra flavor that is more concentrated.

Rich and Nutty flavor, smooth taste, sweet to the end.  No bitter aftertaste.
The aroma of this coffee is awesome! Your whole house will smell like coffee. Your search for gourmet coffee beans is over. Brew some of your new whole bean coffee to see how it tastes. Order some today! Go ahead and push that "add to cart" button, then if you're an Amazon Prime member your coffee will be on your doorstep in two days. There are many ways to enjoy these coffee beans but remember, in order to have a good cup of coffee, you have to start with good beans and no matter how you use it start with Rising Sun Brand Coffee.

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