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This Months Featured Product - Brazil Peaberry


This Months Featured Product - Brazil Peaberry - $29.99 and Free Shipping



This months featured product is Brazil Peaberry.  2 full Pounds of Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans for 29.99 with FREE SHIPPING.  The cleaner roasting medium is making it possible for us to try new recipes and to use new blends that taste great! We want to share that experience with you, our lifelong customer.  

Brazil Peaberry - One of our best sellers. 5% of all coffee is peaberry, but it's all mixed together. Normally the coffee bean is in two parts that make up the "cherry". Peaberry is just one part, a unique bean that has extra flavor that is more concentrated.    There are many ways to enjoy these coffee beans but remember, in order to have a good cup of coffee, you have to start with good beans and no matter how you use it start with Rising Sun Brand Coffee.